James Bond Nicknames


Not that the best nicknames need to incorporate the actual names (see also. “Theraphosidae” tarantulas are the huge hairy creatures who almost killed James Bond in Dr. No. Here’s the thing, though,

It’s Tom Hiddleston’s audition for Bond!’ they cried – and it’s increasingly difficult. Corky", "Frisky", "Tabby" – all of Roper’s henchman have such jolly, thoroughly British nicknames. – It seems.

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"I’ve said it from day one: ‘If you’re not going to be playing James Bond, you want to play a villain. "Jesus Christ, I’ve got a moustache." Cortese’s nickname in Year 13 was Pretty Boy or "PB", be.

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Both have lengthy criminal records as part of "James Bond Gang" burglary crew, which was formed in the 1980s and earned the 007 nickname for purportedly using a souped-up BMW to evade police. Harrison.

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The HyperTexts Jeff Sessions Nicknames This page contains the best Jeff Sessions nicknames that I have been able to find, and some that I came up with myself, along with some choice Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Anthony Scaramucci, Mitch McConnell and other Trump family/friend/associate/lapdog nicknames.

The HyperTexts Famous Nicknames: Nicknames of Famous People Donald Trump has recently inspired a YUGE collection of nicknames, some of them quite "colorful."

This partial list of city nicknames in New York compiles the aliases, sobriquets, and slogans that cities in the U.S. state of New York are known by (or have been known by historically), officially and unofficially, to municipal governments, local people, outsiders, or the cities’ tourism boards or chambers of commerce.

Nov 21, 2014. Calling cities by their nicknames seems to be a trait common among tourists, but. Her obituary notes that she helped popularized the nickname, but James Conaway, author of a crime novel. james bond black and white.

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And if James Bond is suggesting that you need to stop killing people. She’s the only Bond girl to have the movie named after her, but notably it’s just a nickname: She’s actually Octavia Smythe. (R.

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Many of us have nicknames for best friends. Some are funny. Some are typical, and others likely make no sense to anyone other than you two. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect name for your pal!

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Like a real-life James Bond, he once skied across Slovakia into Hungary on a. he was living in Ontario and going by the ni.

Before SPECTRE takes over the world, is taking a look back at ten of the best spy movies that don’t feature James Bond. Almost every decade. lives up to his “Master of Suspense” nick.

Before being the first James Bond, Sean Connery was just another ex-coffin polisher, footballer, and babysitter with a magnificent accent. After Bond, he was. well, James Fucking Bond.

The dangerous Oct. 16 stunt was meant to recreate the opening scene of the James Bond thriller, "Skyfall," with Hubert’s nickname being 007, a source told CBS46. It instead left him suffering broken v.

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James Potter (27 March, 1960 – 31 October, 1981), also known as Prongs, was a pure-blood wizard and the only son of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1971-1978, and was sorted into Gryffindor.

Are you looking for nicknames which can be fit for your best friend? Here in this article we share 2100 plus best friend nicknames for you to create a strong bond…

. call him our ‘Billion Dollar’ Bond because his three Bond films have made $1 billion.” PEOPLE readers also may recall another nickname for the Irish-born actor, who is about to play James Bond for.

Taimane Gardner—Live in San Diego Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso Taimane Gardner, who has been playing since she was knee-high to.

A nickname is a substitute for the proper name of a familiar person, place, or thing, for affection or ridicule. The term hypocoristic is used to refer to a nickname of affection between those in love or with a close emotional bond, compared with a term of endearment.

The John McCain campaign has come out with a campaign video in conjunction. The video is set to the tune of the popular James Bond movie, Dr. No, with video sound bites of Barack Obama opposing ide.

James Francis Cameron was born on August 16, 1954 in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada. He moved to the United States in 1971. The son of an engineer, he.

This was no usual Lotus Esprit, but a heavily modified and quite famous James. nickname “Wet Nellie.” An ex-Navy SEAL, Don Griffin, acted as the on-screen pilot of the sub, wearing full scuba gear.

Mike James attracts a crowd as he aggressively drives the lane. Davis grew up in South Central, stayed home to play colleg.

Georgia Tech recently won its lawsuit against Salt Lake City’s minor-league baseball team over the club’s use of the nickname Buzz. British tabloids that she will have a role in the next James Bond.

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Because being a secret agent isn’t cool enough, spymasters tend to build elaborate headquarters buildings with really great nicknames. Here are a few headquarters known for their vodka martinis, Aston Martins, and Walther pistols. The British Secret Intelligence Service (also called MI6, but more.

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Jan 23, 2015  · Next up in my "Nicknames of the 70’s" thread is that monster of a player of the era: Dave Parker, aka "Cobra".

Jones’ nickname for Goldsmith is Goldfinger after the villain in the James Bond movie. It is not necessarily an inaccurate moniker, given Goldfinger’s ‘Operation Grand Slam’ was aimed at contaminating.

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The only question is, which villain is scarier: Ernst Stavro Blofeld, from James Bond’s “Spectre,” or the Red Baron. 80 enemy planes before he was shot down at the age of 25. His nickname was groun.

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Mike Bond has always attracted nicknames. Early in his career at the University of. Both were raised in strict, religious households. Baker’s father, James, is a mechanic and church deacon. Bond’s.